Wine List


Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry with aromas of plums and currants, and has a velvety hint of oak



Dry with cherry bouquet and heavy oak


Italian Red

Semi-dry, medium bodied with fruit flavors. Â Reminds us of a day at the bocce court


Ives noir

Medium-sweet, heavy bodied with flavors of spicy, sweet grapes


Red Muscadine

Sweet, with scents of a warm Southern sunset



Sweet and fruity, just like a morning in the vineyard. Light bodied and fresh




Dry with a hint of citrus. Crisp flavor with a bit of oak


White Muscadine

Sweet, a Southern favorite, clean fresh finish



Sweet, lusious with flavors of tropical fruits. A Tontitown Classic.


White Zinfandel

Medium-dry with aromas of peach and apricot. Â Flavors of early summer



Rock House Red

Port Wine. Full bodied with deep, rich fruit flavors.


Rock House White

Port Wine.  Clean, fruity with a smooth warm finish


Amico Della Nonna

Fortified Concord wine, a Tontitown Tradition